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Non-Surgical Skin Treatments for Women & Men
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K-Thread™ Non-Surgical Lift

K-Thread Lift Overview

The K-Thread Lift™ is a non-surgical molded thread lift performed on the mid-face and neck. This procedure lifts soft tissues in sagging skin by restoring the jaw line and V-line for a sharper, more youthful look. This minimally invasive procedure uses FDA approved, biodegradable surgical sutures that dissolve completely without scarring or trauma. Side affects are minimal and patients are able to resume all normal activities immediately after treatment.

How are the K-Threads™ Different?

Human tissue consists of 3D structure thus making it difficult to see effective results with a thread that does not have similar qualities. K-Threads™ have 360° degree helical barbs that provide strong anchoring and lifting strength to support the facial tissue in various directions. The standard straight line threads make it very difficult to lift the 3D structure of the skin tissue. This is why K-Threads™ are needed to correct and support skin tissues in all directions for an optimal lift.

K-Thread Model


On average, results last between 10-12 months.

Who is the right candidate for this treatment?

Any adult in good health is a candidate for this treatment. The first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation by calling 215-862-6100.

How long does the treatment take?

The K-Thread Lift™ takes between 30-60 minutes depending on the area(s) in which are being treated.

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